About us

 PR Floral Marketing

To our Customers

We feel great pleasure in providing high-quality products and top of the line customer service throughout the year.  From birthdays to anniversaries, the birth of a child or just because, P.R. Floral Marketing is your best choice.


We Provide Wholesale

We provide wholesale and retail to many of the most important flower shops in the U.S and PR. 

If you need to place an order for your flower shop, wedding, quinceañeros or corporate activity and amaze your guests the best you can do has come to us. Email us at info@prfloral.com with your order and we'll send you a quote. We are here to help you make your dream event come true. We're here to assist you.

Our Story

We started from a small house in the district of Cupey, Puerto Rico, with the vision of innovating the flower market. providing high-quality service and premium products to make your activity an unforgettable experience for all. Since then we’ve been continuously providing great service to thousands of customers and hundreds of florists for 29 years, locally and internationally.  Today we are the leading high-quality flowers and florist effects distributors in Puerto Rico, personalized service in a professional, familiar and unique way. Always focused in creating and providing an unforgettable experience for our guest and their loved ones.

Return & Refund Policy

Orders through our page www.prfloral.com must be confirmed to you by store staff, either via email or phone. An order through our page or by email without a confirmation from the store staff will not be valid.

Cancellations or changes to your order must be notified to the store at least 4 hours before the pickup or delivery of your order.
You can request changes or cancellation by phone or email (info@prfloral.com).

To take effect the change or cancellation you must have received a confirmation from Prfloral staff.
If the order has already been prepared and you notified cancellation less than 4 hours in advance, you will be billed 50% of the total order.

If the order was prepared and left the store to be delivered as established in your order, you will be billed in full for the order including delivery service.

If the person who is going to receive the delivery (the recipient) is not at the agreed address, the customer will be notified of the situation.

This can authorize us to leave the product at the agreed address or offer us a new delivery address and will agree to meet the additional charges that apply for this delivery service to a new address. As an option at no additional cost, you will be offered to collect your order and products in the store.

We do not refund money for delivery services if the person or recipient is not at the address previously agreed.

We do not refund money if the person who receives (recipient) does not accept the product they send for any reason.

We are not responsible for changes in the delivery address that are made less than 24 hours before delivery or if our delivery delivery staff fails to communicate with you or the recipient.

On any claim, Prfloral is not obliged to substitute the delivered or collected product and once it leaves our store; however, it will replace the purchased product, if it is justifiable, if it is sealed and in the same conditions that it was delivered or collected during the same working day of delivery or collection.

The client understands that the product is a perishable one which must be consumed on the same day of delivery or collection.
Prfloral does not accept and is not responsible for claims on products after 6 hours of delivery or collection of the product, whether for the quality, appearance, deterioration or conditions of the product.

The direction must be clear. Preferably add pin in google maps.
The order must be made at least 4 hours in advance.
All delivery has an additional cost that will depend on the distance.
The delivery time has a range of 4 hours to be delivered.
If you want a specific time, it must be coordinated by calling the store directly.