Flowers with great resistance to summer heat

The best way to give life to a home, both inside and outside, is undoubtedly to decorate it with beautiful flowers that convey that joy or warmth in difficult moments. As many already know, flowers are a unique natural element that in addition to giving color, freshness and endless good vibes to a certain space, they also have the ability to significantly improve our quality of life, also serving as the ideal option to decorate. during this summer.

We give you the warmest welcome to another interesting article from PR Floral, leaders in decoration and in the wholesale flower market in Puerto Rico. Although there are always excuses or reasons for celebration to decorate our home in any season of the year, summer turns out to have that special aura, atmosphere or ideal color to set the imagination soar and create unforgettable environments using quality flowers that conform to the high temperatures that are experienced these days.

Therefore, this time we will share our recommendations regarding the most resistant flowers to the summer heat. Fill your home with love and color with the following ideal flowers for this season!

ASTER: The perfect plant for summer. We can see it in different colors, although the most common is violet, also having a great resemblance to the daisy. It needs fertile soil and abundant, well-drained watering to maintain its good consistency.

GERANIUM: They flower quickly and are one of the most heat resistant species. They reproduce mainly between the months of April and November. They love the sun and their intense color adds a wonderful addition to any summer décor.

DALIA: This plant has more than two thousand different species, the most common being orange, red, pink and purple. We recommend placing them in a sunny place, but not in direct sunlight and where they can also receive the warm summer breeze.

GUINEAN JOY: Definitely one of the most beautiful species today and with which many ideas will flow to decorate with flowers. To achieve good results with it throughout the summer, we recommend placing it in a bright place and watering it abundantly, but without its roots remaining wet, since this will prevent its deterioration.

GERANIO HIEDRA: Also known as ‘’ Gitanilla ’’, it is one of the most popular species in terms of ideas to decorate with flowers. It blooms radiantly between spring and summer, getting along extremely well with the season's characteristic temperatures. For maximum growth, we recommend watering it twice a week and keeping it in bright environments.

WHITE DAISY: This species is perfect when it comes to brightening up any environment, being very resistant and without requiring much care. To keep it in good condition, it will be advisable to water it at least three times a week, since it will always be looking for the intense rays of the sun.

CLAVELINA: The case of the Clavelina is very interesting, since, although this plant can reproduce in cold places, it always prefers the radiant light of the sun. Being its beautiful red flowers the main attraction of this plant, the summer decoration of your home will immediately capture the attention thanks to this beautiful element.

MILLION BELLS: Its small and precious yellow flowers form bells ideal to decorate your terrace or balcony. The color of this species is precisely what will give that charm, feelings of happiness and a good mood while you meet as a family or with your other loved ones.

Super happy to have shared with you in another article about the wonderful and inspiring world of flowers. Do not forget to visit our virtual store to purchase your next flower arrangement or contact us for the best advice you can have on wholesale flowers in Puerto Rico. A big hug and see you next time!