Avoid these mistakes when caring for your flowers

It is an honor to have you present again in another blog article in PR Floral, where we always seek to offer you the best content related to flowers in Puerto Rico and about how it is possible to significantly improve the quality of life thanks to the beauty they provide.

It is normal to get excited at the moment of acquiring one of the most precious flowers that we have in any of our branches and with it, wanting to give them as much care as possible, although of course, sometimes that love and sense of care so deep that we feel for them, It can cause us to make some common mistakes that we should try to avoid.

That is why this time we are going to comment on those common mistakes that we must try to avoid when providing all that care and love that flowers deserve, so having said that, let's go there.

Not giving them that extra space for their growth

It is important to know that there are certain types of flowers that require a size change in the vase in order for them to grow steadily and healthily. An extremely common mistake is not to change the vase of our flowers after the year of having acquired them, which is the recommended time limit to do so.

If you notice that your flower vase is cracked or that some roots are sticking out of any hole it may have, then this is a clear sign that it is advisable to make the change.

Water your flowers more than necessary

This is perhaps the most common mistake on this entire list, and as we mentioned earlier, sometimes the love we feel for our flowers is so great that we ignore some details, causing more harm than good to our '' dear girls ''. To avoid overwatering, it is advisable to find out what are the characteristics of that flower that we want to acquire in order to know how much water they need per day.

In PR Floral you will have the best advice from our experts, who will provide you with clear information on how to give the best care to your flowers.

Choosing a flower just because we like the way it looks

Another frequent mistake that we recommend avoiding is buying flowers just because "they look pretty", since there are certain details to take into account when looking at one of the many available in our branches. Factors such as the time of care they require, the space where they must be placed, how much sunlight they must receive, in short, all these are key points that will determine whether or not that flower can survive in your home or workplace.

Downplaying the substrate

Do you notice that your flower loses strength? Do you see that it is already losing color? This can occur due to another of the common mistakes in flower care, not using the right substrate for them. It is good to keep in mind that the substrate is a vital component for flowers and other plants in general, since it provides them with the necessary nutrients for a healthy life and growth.

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