Fun facts about flowers that will impress you

Super happy to receive you in another interesting article from PR Floral , leaders in flowers wholesale in Puerto Rico . Flowers are not only a mere decorative element in homes or the office, but they are also living beings that are part of our daily lives, all while improving our mood and therefore the quality of life. That is why today we will be commenting on some curious facts about flowers that we have found simply fascinating.

Next, we show you some incredible facts about flowers, so take note and be surprised.

270,000 species of flowers and counting

Currently there are more than 270,000 different species of flowers, of which about 35,000 are roses and with new discoveries made by the scientific community in a way periodic. This is clear proof that flowers as such are living beings that will always seek to adapt to the environment that surrounds them.

The Tulip became the most expensive flower

Among all the flowers that have been marketed throughout history, the tulip was certainly the highest priced flower. Taking Holland as an example in the seventeenth century, where the bulb or tulip head had more value than gold and was considered a luxury that only the upper bourgeoisie could enjoy due to ideas for decorating with flowers that they provide even today.

Certain flowers only grow and reproduce at night

In most cases the flowers open when the day begins, but curiously there are certain species that only reproduce and grow at night, such as the so-called "baobab" and the so-called "Lady of the night", which only blooms in a single night during the summer.

Sunflowers absorb radiation effectively

Sunflower or '' flower of the sun '' as it is often called in some countries, has the ability to absorb radiation very effectively. In fact, this could be observed during the disaster at the Fukushima nuclear plant, when a monk planted sunflowers realizing that they controlled radioactivity with some precision, not to mention that they offer many ideas to decorate with flowers due to their beauty.

The Lotus Flower is considered sacred in some cultures

Another interesting fact is that of the Lotus Flower, which is considered a sacred species in some cultures, taking as an example the India, where the power of good fertility, divinity and wealth is attributed to him. We can also mention its importance in Buddhism, a religion in which this flower symbolizes purity.

Rafflessia Arnoldii, the largest flower in the world

Originally from Southeast Asia, the Rafflessia Arnoldii It is the largest flower in the world and whose weight can be up to 11 kilos with a diameter of up to 91 centimeters, making it almost impossible for this species to go unnoticed if you ever have the honor of finding it on a trip. < / p>

The flower most used as a gift is the rose

The rose is known by many as the '' eternal flower '' and definitely the preferred option for most when making a gift to a special person given their different meanings according to their color. For example, the red ones symbolizing "love", the pink ones symbolizing "thank you", the yellow ones referring to "friendship", the blue ones for "peace" and so on.

Wolffia Angusta, the smallest flower in the world

After having mentioned the largest flower, now we turn to the smallest, the so-called '' Wolffia Angusta '', which is the smallest flower in the world , measuring just 0.5 millimeters wide and weighing about 0.15 grams. This flower is also known as the '' Australian duckweed '' due to its green color and its ability to grow in the waters of that region.

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As always, it has been a real pleasure to bring you all these curious facts about the beautiful world of flowers. Remember that at PR Floral we are the true experts in Flowers in Puerto Rico with great passion in what we do and always ready to offer you quality services through a extensive catalog of various flowers for all settings and occasions.