Beautiful and tasty: Flowers that are edible

Throughout our past content we have provided the best tips regarding ideas to decorate with flowers thanks to the creativity and charm that they inspire just by looking at them, always giving special emphasis to the importance they have when creating or remodeling any space. Flowers offer endless benefits on the mental and physical plane, but did you know that they are also a great source of food that is even used as a medicinal remedy in some countries?

Again, super happy and excited to see you in this blog article at PR Floral , your experts in everything related to flowers thanks to our excellent highly qualified personnel, the experience acquired during more than 22 years of service and the best catalog you can find in Puerto Rico. In this opportunity, we want to focus on a very interesting topic that we had not previously touched on in depth, we refer to flowers that are edible, so then we will be commenting on some of them and what are their most frequent uses when to enchant The palate is all about.

La Rosa

It would be a total nonsense to start this list without mentioning a flower like the one rose, which can be consumed in its more than 200 varieties and in various flavors that range from sweet to spicy. In general, the rose is used in desserts such as jam, cakes, certain creams and even infusions.

Yellow Pumpkin Flower

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Often used in Italian haute cuisine, the yellow pumpkin flower is characterized by giving that sweet touch and soft texture to many popular dishes in Europe, and can even be cooked with endless meals containing meat or fish .

The Poppy

Besides being great in terms of ideas to decorate with flowers, the poppy is another of the most popular species when it comes to cooking both sweet and savory dishes, being also an excellent ingredient for To give a more attractive aroma to some drinks such as wine.

Azahar Flower

The orange blossom has Great importance in Mexican gastronomy, since, thanks to its extract, it is possible to prepare the bread of the dead, an emblematic dessert that is consumed during the celebration of the Day of the Dead. Due to its great versatility when adding its flavor to different sweet dishes, this flower is the perfect complement to achieve authentic pastry masterpieces.

La Violeta

Violets are beautiful flowers that convey a feeling of elegance not only when decorating certain spaces, but also when using it in different dishes thanks to its antioxidant properties, vitamins, extremely pleasant flavor and that soft texture that gives both meals and desserts.

In fact, the violet is practically the best known edible flower and according to what is said by several historians, it was one of the first to be consumed by the human being. human.

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